Chamonix Mont Blanc, the Highlight of the French Alps

Chamonix Mont Blanc
Montenvers Mer de Glace

Totally out of the question to visit Haute-Savoie without seeing Chamonix and its mystics peaks… a once-in-a-lifetime wonder ! An unforgettable day tour !

We propose to tailor the itinerary to the time of the year :

During winter...

In the morning, a visit to one of the two main sites:
The Aiguille du Midi : one of the world’s highest cable cars will take you up to 3,842 m altitude in just 20 minutes. Get ready for a mind-blowing view! And, while you’re there, experience the ultimate thrill and “Step into the Void” ® (subject to opening)
Montenvers Mer de Glace (glacier): get on-board the charming little red train on the rack and pinion railway that will take you up 1,000 metres. Once you arrive at your 1,923 m high destination, you’ll have a few steps to walk down (... about 500 actually which, of course, you’ll have to climb back up again). But the unbelievable display staged by the Mer de Glace and its ice cave, which is dug out and re-sculpted every year, is worth the effort.

Then on for lunch in the centre of Chamonix or at the Montenvers Grand Hôtel restaurant, depending on the site you choose to visit. Built in 1880, it is one of the oldest dormitory-style, high-altitude hotel-restaurants.

After lunch, head off on a guided tour to discover the fascinating history of Chamonix and its remarkable attractions!

Then enjoy some free time ‘mountain’ shopping in the town’s pedestrian streets, exploring the Alpine Museum (history of skiing and mountaineering) or strolling along the Arve River.

During spring, summer & autumn...

The day begins early with a trip to the Aiguille du Midi. Then on for lunch at the Montenvers Grand Hôtel restaurant (reopening in June 2017), or in one of the restaurants in Chamonix.  Afternoon: a visit to Montenvers Mer de Glace (glacier), and its Grotte de Glace (ice cave), accessible on foot (20 min) or by gondola lift (note: there are around 400 steps between the gondola lift stop and the entrance to the cave). Then enjoy some free time shopping in Chamonix... don’t forget to use our list of favourite addresses!