3 times per week, the market spreads its wares under the arcades. A wonderful opportunity to discover regional products and to meet with locals.
You will meet local producers that have been carefully selected for  the quality of their products.
According to market day, you will taste the typical Savoyan Cake, Macarons, local honey & jam, sausages or cheeses.  4 to 5 gourmet stops are planned during the tour.!
Then set off for a tour of the “Venice of the Alps”, the nickname given to Annecy because of the myriad of canals that criss-cross through its historic centre, and discover the town from every possible angle.

No market day ?
Strolling around the Old Annecy and its maze of cobblestoned pedestrian streets, its arcades, medieval doorways and colorful facades, you will have the opportunity to stop in 2 emblematic shops of local gastronomic know-how.

Following a delicious lunch of Savoyard and French specialities, you will embark for 1.30-hour-long private cruise across the purest lake in Europe. This trip, which sets sail from Annecy, is a wonderful opportunity to discover the lake’s majestic setting and to catch a glimpse of the authentic villages and exquisite dwellings dotted around the waterfront.

Once back on dry land, take some time out to stroll through the shopping districts, head off to see an exhibition or just simply sit back and relax at the terrace of a café.

Unless you prefer to go for a bike ride along the greenway that runs round the lakeshore and offers incredible vistas over the lake and the mountains.