Lake and mountain golf getaway

During this 6-day getaway you will discover a few of the countless golf courses dotted around the region and be amazed by their originality! And, you’ll also get the chance to enjoy the greatest must-sees and must-visits, off the green !

Day 1

If your arrival time permits, enjoy an excursion to Montenvers Mer de Glace (glacier): get on-board the charming little red train on the rack and pinion railway that will take you up 1,000 metres. Once you arrive at your 1,923 m high destination, you’ll have a few steps to walk down (... about 400 actually which, of course, you’ll have to climb back up again). But the unbelievable display staged by the Mer de Glace and its ice cave, which is dug out and re-sculpted every year, is worth the effort.

Day 2

After enjoying a round of golf on the greens of the ‘mountaineering capital’, at the heart of staggering landscapes, you will be whisked even higher to the Aiguille du Midi : one of the world’s highest cable cars will take you up to 3,842 m altitude in just 20 minutes. Get ready for a mind-blowing view! And, while you’re there, experience the ultimate thrill and “Step into the Void” ® (subject to opening)

Return trip to Evian at the end of the day

Day 3

Today you’ll be practising your putting skills on the legendary Evian Master® course! Overlooking Lake Geneva and the towering peaks of the Alps, it is unquestionably one of Europe’s most exquisite courses.
Then, during the afternoon, it’s time to relax in Evian’s thermal spa... and yes, the relaxing treatments that you will enjoy all use Evian® mineral water.

After this incredibly zen interlude... it’s back to Annecy for the night

Day 4

Your guide will then take you on a detailed tour of the old town of Annecy, with its enchanting alleyways, historic bridges and impressive arcades. You will get the chance to discover the town’s 2 iconic landmarks – the Castle-Museum towering over the town, and the Palais de l’Ile (or “Old Prisons”), standing in the middle of the Thiou, the river that winds its way through Annecy.

Then you will embark for an hour-long commented cruise across the lake. This round trip, which sets sail from Annecy, is a wonderful opportunity to discover the lake’s majestic setting and to catch a glimpse of the authentic villages and exquisite dwellings dotted around the waterfront.

Once back on dry land, it’s time for lunch.

Then, you will head along Lake Annecy to the Lac d’Annecy Golf Club, in Talloires. Its originality: it is located in a natural reserve... pure peacefulness and breathtaking backdrops guaranteed!

Day 5

After breakfast, you will leave Annecy and head for Giez Golf Club, at the end of the lake. This course commands amazing views over Lake Annecy and Mont Blanc, towering high above the countryside!

En route for Aix les Bains where you will spend the night, you will make 2 wonderfully relaxing and gourmet stop-offs:
first a visit to Tamié Abbey. This sacred site is located in a dazzling natural setting that will definitely take your breath away! Then on to the world of sweet delights, where chocolate will no longer hold any secrets for you... a gourmet stop-off with a traditional chocolate-maker at the Chocolaterie Artisanale des Bauges, right at the heart of the Regional Natural Park.

Day 6

A last morning of golf, in yet another exceptional site, in Aix les Bains, world-famous for its water.

In the afternoon, you will set off across France’s largest natural lake, Lake Bourget, for a boat trip to Hautecombe Abbey (1h30 visit on-site), proudly overlooking the lake. An audio-guided tour relates its history and you will have time to discover its setting before heading back for the boat for the return trip... and the end of your stay.

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